Jammu and Kashmir – a Paradise on Earth :

“If paradise exists anywhere on this earth, its right here, right here..” These immortal words uttered by Jahangir Mughal emperor of India on his first Kashmir tour. True to these words, many tourists are spell bound by the majestic peaks, high motor-able passes, deep valleys with lakes all around. And with adventure sports picking up, there are many options for hiking, rafting, and rock climbing that will keep your adrenalin rushing right through your tour of Jammu and Kashmir.

Motorcyle Tour India :

Touring India on motorcyle is fast becoming popular and it offers many exotic locations such as Ladhak, Kerala, North East, Uttrakhand etc. Biking as a word used in India is catching up with the youth both as sport and adventure. In fact Enfiled bikes are the most popular amoung the Indian motorcyling faternity. To find out more about the various tour locations click the following link: Motorcyle Tour

Rajasthan :

The Land of Maharaja’s and Princely States, of Magic and of Romance. This is the Heart of India’s Cultural and Historical Past. Come Discover some of the most beautiful Cities of Jaipur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer. Great opportunities even for Horse Safari’s, Camel Safari’s and Motorbike Tours.

Madhya Pradesh :

An area most abound with Wildlife and a perfect spot for Kiplings Tour. Besides being rich in Wildlife it also offers some fantastic Temples and some wonderful getaways for peace and tranquility.

Northern India :

From Kashmir the utmost Paradise rediscovered to Ladakh (Leh) for some of the most breath taking scenic views you can ever see anywhere in the World to Himachal Pradesh where you can just pack a bag and hit the road. These areas are ideal for Treks, Mountaineering and even some Cultural visits. To finish finally at Uttarakhand which also offers some of the most sought after Hill Resorts for Treks and Expeditions.

East India :

From Culturally Rich Kolkata you can move to the Tribal areas of Orissa to witness Tribal life and its meaning in present day life. From here you can also Discover the Eastern states of West Bengal namely places like Darjeeling and Kalimpong and even Sikkim. Area influnced by English presence in the past and to modern day Buddhism. You can also access Bhutan by road from here. For the adventurous you can also seek to visit Arunachal and Nagaland, extreme remote areas bordering China, with Inner Line Permits you can visit these far flung areas and a get a taste of richness of India’s diversity.

South East Coast :

The state of Tamil Nadu incorporates most of this area. With some beautiful Beach areas and some Fort Structered Temples, this area abounds mainly in Temples and some of the most exquisite carvings in stone. From Chennai to Madurai and the Cities in between of Dharasuram, Gangaikondacholapuram, Chidambaram, Tanjore and Trichy all elegant examples of great stone carvings. The French colonial Town of Pondicherry along with Mahabalipuram and great Beach getaways.

South West Coast :

By far the most popular and Eco-friendly Tourism centre of India-Kerala. Hugely popular for Ayurveda and meditation this place has some of the naturally formed Lagoons in the area. A stay on a Houseboat here is the Charm of the whole Tour. Cochin here being the Cultural centre and hugely influenced by Portugese and French Presence and their Architecture. The finest Beaches of Mararikulam, Varkala, Kovalam and Poovar are a treat.

Spa & Well Being :

Spread all across India and some of them in very unique and quiet areas you have the possibility to rediscover yourself and rejuvenate here. Various forms of massages under Ayurvedic supervision can also be done for various ailments and disorders.

Bhutan :

The lost paradise as its often called. Culturally you can discover the Kingdom of Bhutan in 5-7 days and if you are a keen Trekker you can even stay further by 7 days more for some Adventure.

Nepal :

Kathmandu the Kingdom for both Cultural visitors to the adrenaline seeking Mountaineers for Everest and Base camp, this Tiny Country has a lot to offer. Kathmandu for its rich Culture and Religious sites to Pokhran for its pristine calm and beauty to Chitwan for its Wildlife, Nepal offers a lot for everyone. Can also be combined with Tibet.

Sri Lanka :

From silky Beaches to Elephant Park, Sri Lanka is a Country running on Tourism. Its a Buddhist Society and Colombo with its Capital has some Beautiful Buddhist temples. The North of the Country has some amazing Beaches aswell.

Maledives :

Made of many Islands this is an absolute must Travel place for seeking nothing but Beach pleasure and total relaxation.