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Truck Tours


an innovative concept
specially designed for outdoor life.

Atithi Voyages brings you truck tours in India that take you to onboard our one-of-its-kind camping infrastructure. Whether its the blanket of billion stars over you or you are soaking under moonlit night, the experience is exhilarating. You get the freshest air to breathe, zero pollution by humans and an experience of different kind. Something that is beyond words and totally priceless.

Our truck has been built under the direct supervision of our Team Leaders. It has a comfortable seating capacity of 8 participants. Also, it has sleeping arrangements (for 12), well equipped kitchen and a loo. To add to it, there is good storage space.

Making life meaningful for the larger good. Each member of our team is passionately committed to our cause with a set of universal values that forms the foundation of their souls. Our team is like a Swiss Army knife, each with their own domain of expertise yet become a force to reckon with in synergy. We have significant experience in the fields of tourism, photography and environmental science with the credentials to vouch for our meaningful contributions towards social causes and the preservation of our delicate eco-system.

Here's some experiences you shall get on our Truck Tour:

  • A night with a billion stars.

  • The most compact... yet elaborate mobile camping unit.

  • Steaming cup of morning tea and breakfast

  • Quality time for you with your soulmate and family

  • Best-in-class comfort


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