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Conceived by the husband-wife duo of Shiv Raj Singh and Payal Singh. Atithi Voyages was created to bring forth the idea of experiential travel. At Atithi Voyages we believe life itself is a journey. What we discover and take back with us during our travels are simply impressions and reflections of experiences that we continue to learn from for years to come. It is this philosophy that lends great importance to the art of traveling. It is not just a discovery of a land and its people, but more importantly a discovery of the deepest levels of one’s own inner-self.


When it comes to travel, India is rather unique as it gives the life-traveler various images and opportunities to see and experience harmony in diversity and diversity in harmony. It is never wise to try to reason or understand this land, for it has a rhythm of its own. The only way to truly capture its essence is to just live the experience. Never try and compare it with any other journey because what you will discover here in India is a reflection of your own soul. The best way to approach India, that is if you truly want to understand Her, is to just let things happen; don’t push for answers or you will never find them. Let India reveal Herself to you with the depths of Her richness and unfathomable grace. Take each day as it comes and let the experience embrace you. Then and only then will you “see” the real India.


Because of our professionalism and service-oriented culture, we are often referred to others by happy customers. We draw our inspiration from this and continuously seek to achieve higher levels of customer service, designing more tour packages for the world traveler. Even though India is a big country with a diverse array of travel options, our basic motto of “service with a smile” and commitment to excellence is always provided with a profound sense of duty and responsibility. Our mission is none other than to make things simple and enjoyable for the those wishing to catch a glimpse of this great land.

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