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Wildlife in India is as varied and colourful as the people and culture within it. With over 400 wildlife sanctuaries and 89 national parks, there is no shortage of tours from which to choose from.

Atithi voyages supplies guided wildlife tours in India which conform to a number of tastes and temperaments. Whether you are looking to visit the rare Bengal Tiger in its natural surroundings or would like to watch over 230 endangered species of migratory birds flying high in the skies, our wildlife tour in India packages will provide you with comprehensive options designed to take the guesswork out of which one to choose from.

Atithi Voyages can help you narrow down the broad range of India wildlife tours which are available. After all, each one of us has our own vision of what nature should be like – that is the untouched, and often untamed, part of life we wish to experience Below you can find a list of wildlife tours in India which we provide, along with some of the animals and other salient features you can expect to see while on them. A personalized safari designed by us, just for you.


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