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Atithi Voyages brings you adventure tours in India that take you to exotic and remote locations throughout India, but with a twist. You won’t just see spectacular sights, you will also feel the adrenaline rush of cycling through the cliff-hanging mountain ranges of the Himalayas, experience the fresh air of the open road while riding on the back of a Royal Enfield and get your heart pumping, and mind racing, paragliding through the death-defying heights of the clear, blue skies above. Our adventure tours in India combine physical activity, sightseeing and cultural participation.

Adventure tours require a specific frame of mind. While they often take your to relaxing and tranquil places, they do so in an exciting way. The adventure traveler is one who wishes to see new sights, hear new sounds, taste new tastes, feel new feelings and most of all, get their hearts racing. Therefore, before you inquire about an adventure tour in India ask yourself this, “Are you an adventurous traveler?” If so, Atithi Voyages can supply you with adventure tours that will keep you on the edge of your seat and coming back for more.

Below you can find a sample of some of our adventure tours in India. Each one will take you to your limits, and then some!

·        Rooftop of the World

·        Everest Base Camp Trek


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