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To truly appreciate and imbibe India's rich spiritual and religious heritage, one should seek a guide who can explain through first-hand experience the essence of spiritual India.

A spiritual tour guide is like a knowledgeable teacher, in the sense that they can create a sense of interest and urgency for the student (i.e., pilgrim) to imbibe and put into practice the information that they have learned. In this way the pilgrim not only has a good time, but also integrates into their personal lives what they have seen and heard during their spiritual India tour.

Atithi Voyages has offered spiritual India tours for spiritual seekers of all caste and creeds for the past 15 years. Our spiritual India tours are especially designed for those who wish to experience spiritual India at the deepest level and take back with them the peace, love and spiritual upliftment which this sacred and ancient nation offers.

Within spiritual India one can find some of the oldest spiritual sites in the world. These locations are said to produce the deepest aspiration to find that which brings everlasting life, joy and knowledge. The seeker not only learns about the different paths leading to the Divine but also comes to realize that the Divine can ultimately be found within, through whichever path they choose to follow. Our spiritual India tours provide the right atmosphere to spark the seeker’s internal journey.

Below you will find some of the tour options which we offer for spiritual pilgrims around the world. They are all designed to give you the motivation to start searching for what really counts – the eternal happiness and bliss that is every human beings’ birth right.

·        Tempting Tamil Nadu Tour

·        Rajasthan Tour

·        Extensive Rajasthan Tour

·        Sikkim & Darjeeling Tour

·        Ganges Valley Circuit Tour


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